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About Me

Hi! I'm Xiao Hou, a friend of yours. Welcome to my humble home!

I am a Chinese/French double-degree engineering student born in 2000 who is entering society from the greenhouse. After feeling the fear of being dominated by politics and history in my first year of junior high school, I decided to choose science and technology. I then studied all the way to the engineer’s course and will probably continue to do so… Now my days consist of taking classes, learning fluids, writing a blog, going to Lille to be with my girlfriend and playing the accordion once in a while.

The two projects I’m most involved in now are my website LibreFluids.com and my Atomic Habits, and I’m trying to change my lifestyle again after I found an internship. Things like living a more regular life, staying off social networks and most importantly, trying not to be like a high school student who has work as the only thing on his mind.

Blogging is a way for me to record my thoughts, share my Life Hack and practice writing, more importantly, it’s an outlet for my mind. It’s important to me. Clear ideas always come out of narrative and debate. This can be debating with yourself or simply putting ideas down on paper. And I miss the days when I was a kid where people made Blog their home.

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