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Why don't you admit the truth?

Even if you know it's right, you still tend to believe your lies.

Why does some misinformation stick in your consciousness? Why do you tend to believe untrue things, even if your head tells you that you are lying to yourself?

Here we are talking about relationships of all kinds, such as friendship, love, or a relationship with your boss. You tend to make up stories to get to a more pleasing conclusion, even if the chances are small. Researchers at The University of Western Australia say that rejecting information requires more cognitive effort than simply accepting that the message is true. So, it’s easier for a person to believe the first impression of a relationship, than to make one understand that it’s just because your friend is good at communicating.

Put yourself in your friends’ shoes. It’s easy, just think of what you would respond if the same thing comes to you, or what do you expect from your relationship. You may be too optimistic about your relationships, believing it continues to grow without any reason. This may come from your hope for being accepted, even bing pessimistic could be caused by this. As you are too afraid to lose.

I want to write more about relationships in the future. This is not only because I wish to have a good relationship with my girlfriend, family, friends and even strangers, but also because I believe that honesty is the easiest way to handle all relationships well.

So, what should you do next?

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