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One Week Without Social Media Challenge

I'm saying goodbye to social media and streaming forever ~ Join me in witnessing this moment!

I don’t know when watching YouTube has become a habit. But when I think about my past, I have been addicted to watching TV since I was a child. So, I can’t exactly say that I was addicted to social media and YouTube before simply because of them, I’m also responsible.

But from now, everything will change.

I’ve been using Firefox plugins to get rid of recommendation algorithm, going to self-host YouTube alternatives like Invidious, watching only a handful of selected YouTubers (like ILLY & LEAN, LTT, Louis Rossmann, etc.), from reading FB and IG posts only on laptop to finally delete them on my phone to never use them and even trading with myself, etc. Since I’ve written plenty of things about quitting from social media, and I’ve built numerous rules and habits as I mentioned before, I, again, made an important decision. I’m exited, and it finally comes to the last stage. I’m getting rid of addiction to YouTube content and other social media for good!

Well, about building habits, there is no definitive conclusion about how long it will take. But for me, as I’m a full-time student now, I spend most of my time studying. And my life has been divided in portions of 7 days. So, normally, 7 days will be a period. That’s why I decided to take this one week challenge to finally build a life model without YouTube content and social media.

This doesn’t mean that I would never go to YouTube. If you search for a tutorial or a life hack, you have to admit that this is where all the contents are. Nowhere else. As a result, the rules are, I can neither watch any YouTube media content, including the YouTubers that I like a lot (ILLY & LEAN, LTT, I even sponsored Floatplane.com), nor checking sites like FB or IG. However, I’m allowed and encouraged to listen to radios and podcasts, also, I can read blogs.

With these rules, I want to focus myself on real life, and pay more attention to myself. And more importantly, waste less time on contents created by others (I even waste time on thing I think stupid, just because I get used to spending time this way) and create my own instead (fortunately I have this blog to spend time with).

Let hope next week, on Sunday, we can hear my good news.

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