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My Habit of Keeping a Diary

Give yourself more freedom to keep tracking your inner change rather than forcing yourself to keep a running tally.

Those who know me well know that I have always had a habit of keeping a diary. But rather than saying it’s a diary, what I have been recording is how I have been changing in my thoughts.

It’s simply because, I have to admit, keeping a diary is a hard thing for me to do. I don’t think I can keep a diary every day like my friend Johnson, because it’s not a useful thing for me to keep track of what’s happening every day. It’s not like something new is happening every day. And as you get older, you find that there are fewer and fewer new things in life, or the rate at which you discover them decreases exponentially. This is the case with most of us who wish to discover new things by travelling.

Despite this, you will always change your perspective on life because of something that has a significant impact on you, or a fluctuation in your life that, although small, can link a chain of events in your memory. Sometimes this is illuminating. For example, the viewpoint of a video of a presentation for discussion in an English class will give you an unprecedented insight into entrepreneurial finance.

These things are important and should be recorded because they are representative of change. But this change is internal. It is a real change, not simply a change in the colour of the walls of your flat, which may of course be the outward expression of an inner change.

Personally, it was interesting to document this change. And just as a hobby loses its interest when it is reduced to work, so does a diary lose its specificity when it becomes a task. This way, you don’t look forward to keeping a diary. Instead, if you only need to record what you find meaningful, even though you don’t keep a diary every day, you will always make it a habit to record the changes in your psyche. And this is much more meaningful than keeping a running account.

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